Dozen Community Activities

Mentoring, Training, Speaking, and Conference Organizing

Learning is an ongoing mission for human beings, it’s a noble goal, and after learning comes giving back to the community and teaching. Through this natural philosophy, I’m trying to give back to the community though my fields of expertise. Through this document, you’ll find more about my contributions.

Resala Training Center

Volunteer IT Instructor

Worked at Resala Charity (Resala Training Center) as a Volunteer IT Instructor teaching graduates/post graduates IT courses.

Alexandria Google Developer Group


Co-initiated the first official Alexandria GDG (Google Developer Group), to be the second GDG all over the country (after Cairo GDG).

Alexandria Life Makers

IT Committee Leader & Media Committee Co-leader

Worked with the most influencing volunteer people in initiating the first Life Makers working groups in Alexandria, and after being forked from the original “Alexandria Life Makers” as “s7aba, aka: sahabet elkhier” & after official publicity, I’ve worked as the IT Committee Leader in conjunction with Media Committee.