January 2, 2019

درس فى التفريط .. فى ذكرى سقوط غرناطة فى مثل هذا اليوم ٢ يناير ١٤٩٢ م

نستذكر اخر مواطن الحضارة الإسلامية فى أوروبا قبل المغيب، بعد أكثر من ثمانية قرون من الإشراق.

كانت مدينة غرناطة في عصرها أجمل مدن العالم بشوارعها النظيفة وميادينها الرائعة وحدائقها الغنّاء، ومبانيها ومرافقها الجميلة، ولا تزال آثارها الباقية تشهد على ما بلغته المدينة من رقي ومدنية.

January 1, 2019

Good day, good year! Write something everyday..

It's good to review, evaluate, and plan future resolutions after every step in your life, and what's a good opportunity to have this chance in every new year, you can see many people doing so these days as we approached the newly shiny beautiful year of 2019. But;

But don't you think it's very long time to wait for your self-awareness meeting, that has to determine whether or not you're doing good, and if you're walking down the right path or already diverged along the way?! Isn't it ridiculous to wait for one full year to know the answer?! Shouldn't that action be done routinely, periodically, on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis for all your big and small resolutions? I believe yes, So;