40+ Rinvex Active Open Source Projects

Author & Project Lead

We at Rinvex believe that our drive The Value, The Reach, and The Impact is what differentiates us and unleash the endless possibilities of our philosophy through the power of software. We like to call it Innovation At The Speed Of Life. That’s how we do our share of advancing humanity. We thrive to develop […]

25+ PHPKD Open Source Projects

Author & Project Lead

As a result of around six years of hard work under the umbrella of my internet company “PHP KingDom”, I’ve worked with awesome customers & organizations on a great platform -in it’s time- called vBulletin & created more than 25+ project released later as open sourced projects. [Github Repositories]

Ampricot Stack

Author & Project Lead

Ampricot is a full-fledged and lightweight, free and open source, easy to install and use, cross-platform web server solution stack package for professional web development. [Github Repository]

MySmartBB Opensource Project

PHP Web Developer

Worked as a PHP developer on the opensource project MySmartBB building new features, fixing bugs, and participating in the second generation framework planning.

phpAdsNew Opensource Project

Arabic Language Translator

Worked as an Arabic translator on the opensource project phpAdsNew (aka OpenX Ad Server Solution).