September 10, 2013

ALROWAD’s First Entrepreneurship Week Brief Report

ALROWAD’s First Entrepreneurship Week Brief Report

After attending “ALROWAD’s First Entrepreneurship Week“, and had a very good positive experience with it, here is my brief report about it with my impressions.

ALROWAD’s First Entrepreneurship Week was different than other trainings available out there in both quality & quantity, it was well organized and carefully demonstrated. It had a great value impact on me & most attendees, despite of being in need for more time for deeper talks about focused topics such as Finance & Accounting, the overall value was great & had positive skills impact in the covered topics: Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, as well as it was a very good chance for professional networking.

As a personal opinion I’ve some notices & few observations for better events in the future; 1) all organizers & facilitators were very friendly & reflected a very good image; 2) topics were properly chosen; 3) the overall atmosphere was professional, warm, friendly & full of coordination, collaboration and cooperation; 4) the most covered topics was Management, Sales and maybe Leadership; other topics either required better presentation skills for speakers or further deep in-topic talking; 5) most speakers & instructors was very skilled, but not all of them have sufficient presentation skills, and that affects the quality value delivered; 6) in regard to scheduled times there was good commitment, but not excellent; there was about 25 minutes wasted time before every day start; 7) photographing was limited to certain times, and may be certain group of people, I suggest give this topic more attention since it helps exposing event’s professionalism & covering it well socially; the event was worth the time & effort, and I’m really looking forward for next activities like that in the near future; 9) many thanks must goes to “Alrowad Egypt” for the great event organization, “Arab Academy for Science, Technology” for their hosting, “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” for their cooperation, and all of their representatives (names not mentioned not to forget someone) for the great work they’ve done; keep moving forward all.

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