July 2018 - Present


Program Manager, Developer Ecosystem

My current role’s mission is to use technology to make people’s life better, through awareness, education, and empowerment. With nearly +70 GDG communities, +600 leads, +20 experts, and a total of 100k passionate members, I’m driving the Google Developer Groups (GDG), Google Developer Experts (GDE) programs and other initiatives in 17 MENA countries. I love […]

June 2016 - Present

40+ Rinvex Active Open Source Projects

Author & Project Lead

We at Rinvex believe that our drive The Value, The Reach, and The Impact is what differentiates us and unleash the endless possibilities of our philosophy through the power of software. We like to call it Innovation At The Speed Of Life. That’s how we do our share of advancing humanity. We thrive to develop […]

May 2018 - July 2018

Google Developer Expert – Cloud GDE

Google Cloud Platform

With dozen community activities, zillion lines of open source code, and successfully passing Google’s GDE interviews, I’ve been certified by Google as an expert in Google Cloud Platform. [Official Reference]

Make the most out of a conference

It’s amazing how simple tips and tricks can enable people to make the most out of a conference! It’s all about the mindset, attitude, and energy. Meeting people and being positive and accessible, talk, interact and generate creative ideas, being open and embracing the differences make it up to a better learning and growing experience. (goo.gl/XKx6MW)

All for one & one for all

Sometimes we need to get back to our roots, to remind ourselves of a higher purpose, to devote our actions to the human being, to the whole world, to be live example of the famous quote “All for one & one for all”. In this lightning talk I remind myself and fellow global citizens, brothers […]

Google Developer MENA Community Summit ’18


For the first time ever, the MENA region had its own regional pre-google-io community summit led by MENA region DevRel, and I was thrilled to be invited to speak for all participating Google Developer Group organizers, Women Tech Makers Leads and members, Google partners and “communities with Google” at one of Google offices at Sunnyvale, […]

State of the WEB ’18

The web is evolving too fast, and it could be overwhelming sometimes to keep the rhythm with the pace of all that good work happening by the amazing web enthusiast engineers, so to put it all in a nutshell we’ll review the most significant changes in the web platform recently, including the major features and […]

Google Developers Roadshow MENA ’18 – Saudi Arabia & Bahrain


For the first time since ages, Google have launched event series in multiple Saudi Arabia and Bahrain cities in two consecutive weeks called “Google Developers Roadshow”, and I had the pleasure to be speaking at Riyadh, Taif, Jeddah, Medina, Khobar at Saudi Arabia, and Manama at Bahrain in a row, with over 2k attendees, covering […]

Building Conversational Experiences for Google Assistant ’18

Meet your Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help. This session will go through Google Assistant features, how to use, and how can we develop for it too. We’ll have real demo on some of Google devices that supports Assistant, and will explore […]

Using Dialogflow to build actions for Google Assistant ’18

You already know Google Assistant, and you’re now ready to develop actions for billions of users? Let’s know about Dialogflow together and how simple and easy we can do amazing stuff with basic knowledge and sometimes without any coding at all. It’s kind of fun, and interesting experience, so let’s get started building something useful. (goo.gl/BDvX7s)