October 26, 2017

Chrome Dev Summit’17 Live Tweeting

Chrome Dev Summit’17 Live Tweeting

I’ve been attending Chrome Dev Summit 23-24 October, 2017 and it was exceptional conference! This is my second CDS and I’ve been enjoying every moment, met new people from all over the world, met with my Google Experts colleagues, and of course been pleasured to meet Google engineers working on the web platform. It was an honor participating in this amazing conference. Throughout the two days conference, I’ve been tweeting live about almost all sessions for people following online streams, and highlighted the most significant changes & announcements made on the stage, with supporting screenshots and photos to give a almost full immersive experience for the conference. If you’ve missed the conference, you can watch it online, all sessions recorded on YouTube already.

Here’s few stats of my two days live tweeting:
My Tweets earned 81.2K impressions over this 2 day period.
– Monday, October 23, 2017 – Tweets: 91, Organic Impressions: 39,663
– Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – Tweets: 138, Organic Impressions: 41,563

Chrome Dev Summit Live Tweeting Stats

And here’s few stats highlights

And finally a list of the tweets:

Chrome Dev Summit Live Tweets #1

Chrome Dev Summit Live Tweets #2

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