September 25, 2017

Google Developer Roadshow Middle East and North Africa – GDRMENA Cairo Twitter Impact

Google Developer Roadshow Middle East and North Africa – GDRMENA Cairo Twitter Impact

Almost 2k attendees, 7 Speakers (2 Googlers / 5 GDEs), 3 full-days, ~26 sessions, and 2M+ Twitter Impressions!

As part of my role as a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, I was invited to speak at Google’s events in MENA region about PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Actions On Google, and  Google Assistant in a series of technical events called Google Developer Roadshow, or for short #GDRMENA.

Recently we’ve conducted these events in two cities: Amman, Jordan on Sep 19 at Zain Jordan HQ offices Building A and Cairo, Egypt on Sep 23 & 24 at ITI Smart Village Cairo.

There’s a lot of great things to write about, and very interesting statistics to announce, in addition to few notes to enhance in upcoming versions of GDRMENA in other countries. We’re still compiling the stats and gathering the information, and until it’s ready we’ll show event’s impact on Twitter.

Note: these statistics is just the twitter impact statistics, while the real audience stats is much more interesting & overwhelming! We’re going to post it later.

#GDRMENA Cairo StatsGDRMENA Cairo Stats - Main#MENAGDR Amman StatsMENAGDR Amman Stats - Main

Posts – 482 is the number of posts made with #GDRMENA and #MENAGDR

Users – 158 is the number of users who have posted with #GDRMENA and #MENAGDR

Reach – 878,188 is the number of unique users who have seen posts containing our #GDRMENA and #MENAGDR

Impressions – 1,986,519 is the numbers of times that users have seen posts containing #GDRMENA and #MENAGDR. A single user can deliver multiple impressions.


GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Shares

The percentages of posts that are originals, shares and replies, based on the total number of tracked posts.

– Original Posts: 143 (37.73%)
– Retweets: 218 (57.52%)
– Replies: 18 (4.75%)

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Sentiment

The percentages of posts that are positive, neutral and negative, based on the total sample of tracked posts

The sentiment score is calculated using only the positive and negative sentiment values. Score = positive / (positive + negative)

– Positive: 151 (39.84%)
– Neutral: 226 (59.63%)
– Negative: 2 (0.53%)

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Sources

The percentages of different devices — such as mobile phones — used to create posts with #GDRMENA

– Android: 194 (51.87%)
– IPhone: 99 (26.47%)
– Desktop/Web: 35 (9.36%)
– Twitter lite: 18 (4.81%)
– Facebook: 8 (2.14%)
– Twitter for windows: 8 (2.14%)
– Other: 12 (3.21%)

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Demographics

The ratio of males to females (demographics) posting with #GDRMENA (again, remember this is only twitter participation stats, while physical attendees has much higher diversity)

– Male: 93.8%
– Female: 6.3%

Most Influential Twitter Users posting with #GDRMENA

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Most Influential Engagement











The percentage of total posts that users in each country have made using #GDRMENA, made by users per country:

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Locations

– Egypt 51.88%

– United Arab Emirates 14.64%

– Lebanon 13.81%

– Saudi Arabia 2.09%

– Jordan 4.60%

– Finland 3.77%

– United States 0.84%

– Germany 0.84%

– Denmark 0.84%

– Syria 0.84%

– India 0.42%

– Koria 0.42%

– Oman 0.42%

– Turkey 0.42%

– Tunisia 0.42%

– Algeria 0.42%

– France 0.42% 

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Related Hashtags

Top Related Hashtags to #GDRMENA

– egypt

– google

– pwa

– jordan

– gdr

– gdgmena

– google_developers

– machinelearning

– flutter

– wtm

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Related KeywordsTop Related Keywords to #GDRMENA

– google

– developers

– roadshow

– amazing

– event

– thank

– codelab

– session

– machine

– web

Other #GDRMENA Statistics

GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Posts GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Pages GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Top Domains GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Most Influential Klout GDRMENA Cairo Stats - Most Influential Frequency


– These numbers are compiled on the last evening of event, where there is still very active interaction still going on and expected to continue for few more days after the event.

– More statistics to be supplied later, on physical attendance, speakers, sessions, and audience interaction.

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