January 11, 2013

PHP KingDom (PHPKD) Shutdown

PHP KingDom (PHPKD) Shutdown

Hello Dears,

Today Friday 11/01/2013 I decided to shut down the official PHP KingDom Website & terminate all of it’s activities after over 7+ years of business.

  • There are alot of reasons for it, first of all we did not manage the business as wanted, unmotivated customers, declining financial support from paid customers, losing interest, internal and external negativity, uncertain vBulletin future and alot of people who are leaving the whole vBulletin platform; That forces me to make this decision to protect the name and the honour some of our productions earned in the past.
  • For personal reasons I was not able to handle the organization last 10 months, and what happened was more worse than I ever expected.
  • I know all of you are disappointed about PHP KingDom & it’s products going down. Even me! Believe.
  • I do not want to discuss this decision in any community, to build a label is one thing, to take care about release quality another. And before any other things will be released under PHP KingDom OR my own name which might not have the quality the name earns it is better to stop.
  • I would like to thank all customers who trusted us, who believed in us, thank you for your long support. I really appreciate it. I’ve spent my time working on free & commercial products with passion & love because of you, you were the most valuable factor that motivated me to move forward.
  • My special thanks must go to Jelsoft, the original company behind vBulletin which successfully drove the ecosystem in it’s golden age, those shiny days was really cool, the core developers, addons devleopers, contributers, volunteers and the whole nice & warm community.
  • Now that’s said, I’ve few good news as well; All of our free and commercial vBulletin addons has been published on Github under opensource licenses, some of them are published on vBulletin.org & some are not. But you should find most of them if not all on Github.
    Github: https://github.com/phpkd
    vBulletin.org: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/member.php?u=211414#hacks

If someone is interested to rebuild/revive/port any of our products, please feel free to take over & proceed, all past published products are licensed under opensource licenses attached to it, read it well & go on, you even don’t need to contact me asking for permission, you have my permission. I’ll appreciate it if you mentioned us as the original authors.
Our eShop has been tacken down, no new purchases allowed, the community forum has been taken down as well. will be ceased completely by the end of this month 31th January 2013, so please backup any info you’ve on it before that date

In regard to current customers with active support packages they will have full customer support (via email: support [at] phpkd [dot] net) to the end of their package’s period. Thank you all for your interest in dealing with us.
For all VBLVB aka: “vB Link Verifier Bot” customers (with active or expired license/support package -all-), please upgrade to the latest release of the product that’s released freely on vBulletin.org at the following link:

That free release has all features of the commercial aka: Full ‘Ultimate’ edition, and doesn’t require license key or other verification with our servers.
Please make sure to upgrade to that release as soon as possible before 31th January 2013, after that date we’ll take down our licensing servers, and as a result all old -not upgraded- versions will stop working.

Last but not least, I’m available for hiring.. If you’re interested in doing some custom work, or have an idea that you’d like to see it achieved as a fully working premium product, just drop me a message via my personal website: www.omranic.com

Update – 24/1/2013 : For those who can’t download the product from vBulletin.org you can download it from this post attached.

Update – 19/2/2013 : All PHP KingDom activities has been ceased completely.

Thank you dears,
Rest in peace PHPKD…

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