September 2019

Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services

This is part of Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Specialization

This accelerated on-demand course introduced the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud with a focus on Compute Engine. Through a combination of video lectures, demos, and hands-on labs, we explored and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, systems and applications services. This course also covered deploying practical solutions including customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management, quotas and billing, and resource monitoring.


  • Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure.
  • Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation.
  • Proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments.
  • Systems Operations including deploying and managing applications, both on-premises and in a public cloud environment.

Skills: Debugging, Cloud Storage, Data Store, Google Cloud Platform


Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure - Core Services - Abdelrahman Omran Certificate - FXXZH87WUNBH