September 2016

M3mal September MeetUp – Developers Edition (2016)


M3mal Coworking Space, Alexandria, Egypt / Speaker / 09 Sep., 2016 (
Spoke to and mentored 100+ developers about some of the vital topics in software industry, through the focused meetups managed and monitored by M3mal co-working space. We talked about how can we raise the quality standards for our Developers community? Who is responsible for the market distortion from our point of view? How can we make a professional standardization for the community? Are we a good person to communicate with your clients? Can we deal with them easily? How can we set our prices? What is the most important tools for us? how do we reach your clients? To work for yourself OR to work for a corporate, what’s preferred? Local clients or international clients? Is the talent enough to survive? If yes what is the secret? if no, what are the solutions to avoid this?