November 2019

Managing Google Workspace

This is part of the Google Workspace Administration Specialization

Managing Google Workspace is the second course in the Google Workspace Administration series.

This course focuses on the Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. We became familiar with the various service settings, and learned how to enable them for all or just a subset of the users. We gained an understanding of Google Vault, Google’s ediscovery service. We understood the various admin console reports that are available and the ability to search and filter the information in these reports. Finally we’ve seen how multiple domains can be used with Google Workspace and learned how to add a new domain to the account.


  • Enable and disable Google Workspace services for different parts of the organization.
  • Configure common settings for Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive and Docs.
  • Describe Google Vault and learn how to use it to retain, search and export your organization’s data.
  • Navigate and interpret Google Workspace admin reports and setup administrator alerts.
  • Understand the mobile device management options available in Google Workspace.
  • Explain the basics of multi domain management within Google Workspace.


Managing Google Workspace - Abdelrahman Omran Certificate - RCTJDWUX3L47