October 16, 2017

The Web Platform – State of the Union ’17

The Web Platform – State of the Union ’17
TL;DR – This is Web Updates slides you’re free to use in your talks, I’d appreciate giving credits though – https://goo.gl/vvWvVn

As we’re evolving our Google Developers Roadshow MENA we needed to introduce a new session just for web updates, where people can get a glance of what’s new without going in much technical details, and then interested people could attend related web sessions, and others don’t get bored & can jump to other topics. So I’ve took the time to prepare a 30min (or less) session, with the most significant updates on the web platform, and compiled the following slides. It’s now a standard for our events, we start with this “The Web Platform – State of the Union ’17” which is easy to digest and sounds interesting to most if not all the audience. The description of this session as follows:

The web is evolving too fast, and it could be overwhelming sometimes to keep the rhythm with the pace of all that good work happening by the amazing web enthusiast engineers, so to put it all in a nutshell we’ll review the most significant changes in the web platform within the last year. Just headlines and you can refer to individual topics for details.

Slides content inspired & driven from:

– https://youtu.be/_ssDaecATCM
– https://developers.google.com/web/updates/
– https://www.youtube.com/user/ChromeDevelopers/

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